Tuesday, 26 December 2017

100 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace Live Chat

You are undoubtedly aware of the importance of customer service on your online business’ road to success. But, what you may not know is that customers’ expectations have now reached new heights, demanding instant support and fast acting. In order to keep up with the latest trends, it is essential to improve customer experience. If you cannot think of an innovative way to do so – we have the answer.
Live chat is the way to go!

Make no mistake, live chat is not just a way for the customers to get in touch with the seller. It’s much more than that! Live chat is the untapped potential that will help you build rapport with your visitors and boost conversion rates. More importantly, live chat provides immediate answers, thus building confidence in your brand and increasing customer satisfaction. 
Check out this Website Builder infographic to uncover the full potential of live chat and find out why you should embrace it as soon as possible!

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Monday, 25 September 2017

Enjoy 9Mobile (etisalat) 60gb Free Monthly Night Plan

This post contains information on how to enjoy 9Mobile free night browsing, activation codes and AnonyTun VPN settings to make it work

9mobile(Etisalat) now offers free YouTube streaming from the hours of 1am-5am once you subscribe to a data plan on 9mobile. Interestingly, this night data is capped at 2GB every night for  30 days which is equal to 60gb but only usable on YouTube for streaming videos.
However, I will show you how to use that YouTube data to browse every night with the help of  AnonyTun Pro VPN


  1. A 9mobile (etisalat) sim card.
  2. Good 3G/4G network.
  3. An Android Smartphone.
  4. Anonytun vpn


Follow below guidelines to enjoy 9Mobile 2gb Free Night Browsing from 1am to 5am.
  • First, download AnonyTun Pro.
  • Migrate to easy clique by dialing *200*2*2# and selecting option 1(change to more Clique).
  • After successful migration to easy clique, dial *545*3*1# or dial * 545*3# choose option 1 (for 100% data bonus).

  • Next recharge #500 airtime.
  • Then subscribe to #500 monthly plan.
  • Dial *200*3*1# and choose option 3 (for 500mb data for one month).
  • Now open the AnonyTun VPN on your phone and configure it by setting host to myaccount.google.com.

Other settings are shown in the screenshot below for easier understanding

Once is night between 1am to 5am, launch the already configured Anonytun and flex your 2gb

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Download Elanol To Send Free SMS To Any Number With Your Android Phone.

Elanol App is an android application that allows you send SMS text messages for free. Elanol also allows you send bulk SMS free of charge.

The app is a new app with considerable few installations according to Google Playstore stats, this is probably because it's not yet popular. But I see it having a boom when it's known by many people although most of us are no longer sending text messages as WhatsApp and other social media platforms has gradually replaced SMS

So you can download Elanol Apk for Android to send free SMS and enjoy chatting with other people on the platform. The app is developed by Elanol Tech; seems like a Nigerian guy. As of the time of this post l have personally downloaded and tested the app and can testify for its functionality.

This application has a lots of features designed to suit your interest and its fully developed for sending FREE messages to your loved ones. With this application you can easily send free messages(SMS) to your family, friends, neighbors and your loved ones, it also allows you to chat with other users of the app and lots more

You can also share photos with your family and friends as well as sending SMS chats, It gives you an utmost privilege to send a message to any network around the universe. In other words, no network is restricted


  1. Excellent platform for chatting with friends, family members and showcasing yourself and your businesses to the world.
  2. It allows you to send FREE SMS to your friends, clients, customers and loved ones at no cost.
  3. Sharing of Stickers and Pictures with your loved ones.
  4. You get latest news around the globe via real time feed.
  5. It allows you to advertise your product to the world for FREE.
  6. It's FREE to download and use.

How to download the app
  • Download Elanol App Apk here
  • Install it and follow the on-screen instructions to register and enjoy free SMS on your phone.

NOTE: The app request for access to your phonebook, contacts, messages, and gallery. So you are responsible for the permissions you grant the app when installing as I can't vouch for its safety as of the time of publishing this. I don't know the app owner

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

How to download whatsapp status with App and without App

Since the introduction of whatsapp status, the developer is yet to include a download option on the app.

However there may be times your friend uploads an interesting picture or video and you wish you could download them to your device.
In this post l will discuss two methods you can use to download a whatsapp status without wasting extra data. Method 1 is with the aid of an app, method 2 is without an app.

  • Firstly download an application called Story Saver for Whatsapp from the play store.
  • Install the application in your phone and run it.

Now, this app allows you to v save photos and videos from Whatsapp status.

  • Turn on Internet and Open your Whatsapp Account
  • Go to Status option and watch the status you want to download/Save
  • Then go to your Apps and locate file manager

  •          Open your File Manage
  •          Click on All Files


  •    Select Your Current Storage

  •          Go to Settings and Then Show Hidden Files

  •          Then navigate to Folder:>> Whatsapp

  •     Then >>Media

  •     Finally >>Status

  • There you can see all your whatsapp contact’s Status that you opened for the day.
  • Simply Copy/Move that File and Place in another folder.
  • That’s all!!! You have downloaded your friend’s whatsapp status Video/Picture.     

NOTE: Only the status you have viewed for the day will appear on the folder



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Friday, 16 June 2017

Get your Ponzi Scripts,Bitcoin Script,Hyip,E-commerce,Bulk Sms,forum And E-Leaning website Scrips Here

Do you want to develop your own ponzi site, bitcoin ponzi, online store, bulk sms site, hyip site, forum, and E-Learning Site?
We can help you with the clone scripts for the above mentioned sites, we can also help you develop the sites.
Below are the demo sites for the scripts.

Ponzi Scripts:

Customized MMM 2017 Script: check www.oriseyes.com

Twinkas Script: check www.winnerstrust.net

For other dope Automatic and manual Ponzi Scripts check below:

bitcoin Ponzi :

Hyip Script:

Bulk Sms Script:

Online Store:

Online Forum:

Call or Whatsapp the following number to Get any of the scripts at an affordable price 08104353470

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Saturday, 25 March 2017

{Guest Post}:How to Hack WiFi Password Using AndroDumpper (for Android)

Androdumpper is an Android app by which you can hack wifi password with WPA or WPA2 password but only when WPS is enabled. It can be easily downloaded from google play store. Androdumpper app does not require to root your phone for the versions like Android 5.0. Hence you can run it on any smartphone having Android 5.0 or higher versions.
At first androdumpper app was designed to check the vulnerabilities on Wi-Fi routers.It can be used on both rooted and unrooted android phones.Herei will tell how to use this app on both rooted and unrooted phones.
As the device is rooted,it will support all android versions and rooted device best suits for this type of apps.The amazing benefit of rooted phone is you can view the password after cracking it,but in unrooted android phones you can only use the Wi-Fi but not able to view the passwords.
For non rooted device it supports only android versions 5.0 or above.
For Unrooted Devices:
For unrooted device androdumpper only supports if your android version is 5.0 or higher and lower versions won't support unless you root your android device.
And if your phone is rooted then you will be asked to choose either no root method or root method and then you can see the password in both the methods.
 For Rooted Devices:
If your smartphone is rooted then you can use this app in android 4.4 or even in lower versions.
Here in this method you can see the exact password and use Wi-Fi on other devices by using that password.
You can see the hacked Wi-Fi password by going to then choose Saved Networks.
If you already know the OIN of the WPS then you can directly connect and receive the password using this PIN.
How to hack Wi-Fi Password Using AndrodumpperApp :
1.Firstly go to your google play store and type Androdumpper there you will get some results and download the app that comes first in the list with the logo as shown below.

2.Click on install button to download the app and after few seconds the app will be downloaded on your device and get installed automatically.
3.Then enable your wifi on your device.
4.Then open Androdumpper app.
5.There scan for wifi networks in your surrounding area.Then check to get all the wifinetworks.Now you can see all the wifi networks available to your smartphone.
6.As the app enables you only to connect with WPS enabled netowrks you can only connect to that networks.
7.Now look for WPS enabled network with high signal strength.Now click on the network to connect to it.
8.Here you will be asked to choose ROOT WAY or NO ROOT WAY.

9.Next choose 'Try With' method.
§  Bruteforce(For Rooted Devices)
§  Custom PIN
§  No Custom PIN

10.At last here the app will try to connect to the selected network and within few seconds you will get all the details of that network.In rooted device it will show the password then copy that password and connect to that network and browse or download unlimited data until their limit get completes.

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Friday, 17 March 2017

[NEW UPDATE] MMM,Twinkas,3cash & ultimate cycler Clone Script Available At Very Affordable price

Do you want to build your own network website like MMM, Twinkas or Ultimate Cycle, 3cash.org?, I have the scripts and can help you build them.

You can get the script on this website at the following prices

MMM  Clones Script = 15k

  • auto merging
  • referal bonus
  • bitcoin/cash pay option

3cash.org  Clone Script = 10K

  • auto merging
  • POP upload

Twinkas Clone Script = 40k

  • auto merge
  • manual merge
  • auto/manual purge
  • Awesome interface

https://kashalert.com =60k

  • auto 
  • manual merging

movecash.org = 60k

  • manual merging
  • POP upload
  • Referal Bonus
  • Email notification to users
  • admin mass email
  • Awesome Interface
nairasave.net = 60k
  • manual merging
  • auto merging
  • purge button
  • captcha  verification (for security)
  • Awesome interface

Cost of Installation and Customization = 30k (hosting and domain not inclusive)

If you need any of the script, kindly contact me on phone or whatsapp 08104353470

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